Ohlone Tours

The Special TreesOhlone Mural

Grade Level: Preschool

Program length: approximately 30 minutes

Cost: $20

This flannel board story tells the tale of three children gathering the first acorns of the season.  Children will have a chance to use a mortar and pestle, try on a burden basket, hold real acorns, and sing a special song.

DownloadPreschool Ohlone Classroom Activities


The Life of an Ohlone Child

Grade Level: Kindergarten-1st Grade

Program length: approximately 60 minutes

Cost: $30

Learn about what life may have been like for a young Ohlone child in an early Ohlone village. Handle artifact reproductions, grind acorns, sit around a “fire” to hear a story, and play a game that was played by the Ohlone hundreds of years ago.

DownloadK-1 Ohlone Classroom Activities

Ohlone Social Roles

Grade Level: 2nd and above

Program length: approximately 60 minutes

Cost: $30

Learn about the different jobs and tasks done by men and women in an early Ohlone village, and how, at certain times of the year everyone worked together.  Handle artifact reproductions, listen to a short story, and learn to use pump drills and fire making kits.

Download2-4 Ohlone Classroom Activities


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