Previous Exhibits

Every year the Museum hosts several special exhibits, including an annual exhibit of scientific illustration in the spring, The Art of Nature.

molly keller crow art of nature

The Art of Nature

Our 24th annual exhibit of scientific illustration, featuring works by the California Guild of Natural Science Illustrators. more »
frog skeleton


An inside look at nature- how bones support animals as great as whales and as small as hummingbirds more »
recycle stock photo

Plastics: The Project

Keeping plastics off our beaches and out of the ocean for the health and safety of wildlife more »
mural of a lagoon

Coastal Lagoons

A closer look at lagoons and their health through the lens of art, history and science more »
Daniel Miller

Keen Eyes and Curious Minds

What does it mean to be a naturalist? Learn about 3 local naturalists. more »
sea otter photo by Sebastian Kennerknecht

The Otter Zone

A collaboration with the Otter Project of Monterey to bring attention sea otters and the current issues they face more »
entrance to exhibit

Crystals, Caves and Kilns

This special exhibition explored the natural and cultural history of limestone, lime, and marble in the Felton – Santa Cruz area more »

Flowers of the Sea

A First Friday exhibit featuring brilliant tide pool photography by Yve Adams more »
mockingbird megan gnekow

Birds We Love to Hate

Pigeons, crows, gulls...all birds you love to hate rendered with scientific accuracy and an eye toward their most beautiful features. more »
burrowing owl photograph Sebastian Kennerknecht

Endangered Neighbors

Conservation photographs of locally endangered species more »