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Thank you for all you do for the Museum.

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Upcoming Events 

2/13 | Birding along the San Lorenzo River
2/13 | Migration festival at Natural Bridges State Park

2/20 | Birding along the San Lorenzo River
2/23 | Naturalist Night: Redwood Ecology and Conservation

2/25 | Ohlone Docent Town hall Meeting
3/15 | Naturalist Night: El Nino & Drought
3/26 | Humble Honey Bee Workshop
4/06 | Annual Volunteer Recognition
4/19 | Naturalist Night: Coastal Prairie Restoration


Below are some resources and scripts for docent tours:  

Museum & Docent Program Overview

Art of Nature | Ohlone Program | Neary Lagoon

Recently Added Resources: Self Evaluation Form Chitactac Teacher’s Guide Climate Justice From the Perspective of the Amah Mutsun Tribal Band


Docent Program Overview Resources

Docent program overview Historical Overview How to be a great Docent Self Evaluation Form Museum-based Tour Guidelines Organizational Overview Tour Overviews Watching Children Grow Museum Evacuation & Emergency Preparedness Plan